Anonymous asked:

Have you heard of the book, The Science of God? What are your thoughts about it? How do you feel when someone says that science and religion are completely compatible and most people who don't understand that simply have a misunderstanding of scripture?

No and I’m always a bit disappointed when I see a trained scientist try to make the claim that modern science confirms religion. It’s one thing to say religion and science don’t necessarily have to clash all the time, which is true, but it’s quite another to claim that the current findings of science confirm religious texts. Even if it were the case that the our current understanding of the beginning of the universe fit perfectly well with the Biblical creation narrative it still would be patently obvious that, for example, snakes and donkeys can’t talk. Such obvious cherry-picking ultimately will lead one to ask: Why even solve one claim that clashes with science and do nothing about countless other discrepencies?

Moreover there is not one legitimate way of reading any text,  certainly not a comprehensive and redacted text like the Bible, so to claim “everyone has it wrong but me” is in a way just as absurd as the religious fundamentalist who says everything must be taken literally. Also, as I’ve said before, even if it turned out to be the case that this one prediction is correct it doesn’t at all prove that a god exists or that a specific religion is true.

All that said, I think if someone is going to believe in god or a specific religion then they should realize that it is indeed a faith claim and to try to say science confirms my faith, will always be a mistake. Goddidit is not a testable hypothesis and as a trained physicist Gerald Schroeder should be able to realize this and stop chasing what can’t be captured.

Thanks for the question.