Anonymous asked:

I bought up the atrocities of the Bible, and was told that we have to disregard the laws of the OT because the punishments of God came to pass after Jesus died on the Cross? Are there examples of atrocities and absurd laws in the NT as well? When I use their argument to claim that, by the same logic, homoesxuality is only mentioned in the OT and should be disregarded, I was told that there are examples in the New Testament of God condemning homosexuality. Where exactly is that in the NT?

In both 1 Timothy 1:9-10 and 1 Corinthians 6:9 there are explicit condemnations of homosexuality and for an explanation for why those mentions really are against homosexuality despite what some Christians will tell you. For a good discussion of this I refer you to an examination of the homosexuality in the Bible by my friend over at Atheist Bible Study.

Generally there are no laws per se in the NT but rather different authors expressing their often conflicting opinions. None of them endorse new brutal rules but, and here’s where it gets complicated, they have extremely conflicting views on the Law of the OT which I can’t explain all in detail here.

In Galatians 4:3-9 Paul thinks it would essentially be like worshiping idols for gentiles to keep the Law because he views it as an ethnic law which only Jews should keep. However the author of Matthew has Jesus clearly say that the law should be kept to the smallest details until the earth passes away in 5:17-18. This is the most explicit statement on the matter in the NT from Jesus and it unambiguously supports the Law. However there are times when he disregards the Law like in the famous “he who is without sin” story in John 8:3-11 and in his teaching on divorce in Mark 10:1-9. Nonetheless the brief answer is still that Jesus explicitly endorses it so despite the fact no Christians consider it valuable to say that it no longer applies is directly contradictory to what Jesus says. Denying that the rules still apply also creates the problem of saying those laws were perfectly just in the past and yet are horribly immoral now which is hardly consistent morally.

Finally to close with your question about “atrocities and absurd laws” in the NT surely there are immoral rules in the NT, see the endorsement of the Law above or specifically the misogyny in 1 Cor 14:34-35 and 1 Tim 2:9-15, but nothing compares to the doctrine of eternal punishment. All the stonings and genocide of the OT can’t compare to the idea that people are eternally tortured for finite deeds and yet Christians readily embrace this concept.

Thanks for the questions, I hope I’ve been helpful.